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Dactyluxe is a typing software. This is a utility that lets you fill type the computer keyboard eyes closed!
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3 June 2015

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Utility that teaches fast typing.

Many people are able to type quickly without having to look at the keyboard to ensure you are pushing the right key. Unless you are so practiced that you know instinctively where each key is and your fingers find the right keys. This tool will teach you exactly how to reach that level, yet type quickly and accurately. For getting there, you start practicing and go through the drills/practices given in this tool. You should not look at the keyboard, not even take a sneak peek. You should only be looking at the display. The basic position can easily be located on the keyboards. You can feel the bumps on the ā€œFā€ and ā€œJā€ keys. Initial tutorials make you type combination of letters, no particular words. These exercises are created such that you start getting a feel of where the keys are. Once the user is comfortable with them, actual words, meaning full letter combinations are used.

Like any good teaching tool, this program allows you to get an assessment done of your achievements. You are then able to clearly make out if you can get started on the next level. The number of words per minute you are able to achieve indicates your typing level. If the achievement is not right and you are not happy, you should be going back to the tutorial sessions and get more practice. Whatever may be the means of interaction with a computer; whether you just work on Facebook, write email or at the other end you are a developer, being able to type fast becomes useful. This is a good tool.

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Dactyluxe is a typing software. This is a utility that lets you fill type the computer keyboard eyes closed! It indeed Following the position setpoints hands, making gradual training of the 19 programmed levels you are sure to be able to input text at the speed of light. From the second or third level, you will already begin to be able to write complete sentence without looking at the keyboard. You will find on Dactyluxe 19 Internship gradual difficulty from beginner to expert. to guide you in your learning and perfect mastery of clavier.Il there's also the option to add more levels and other courses. Four types of keyboards are programmed: standard French, Canadian French, Swiss French, Belgian French. The multi-user management is available. A scorecard to monitor the levels of each user. An error counter strikes, typing speed ... etc so you will be able to track your performance and your progress.
Version 2.0
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